Growing number of passenger in the world resulted congestion problem in the airport. Many airports try to improve the performance of the service by company program related to passenger satisfaction. To develop the company program, management of airport should know performance of existing system. In this research, we measure the performance of existing system and new system of SHIA.
The authors analyzed the result of energy consumption of each system and present the comparison the results of the existing system grand design and optimization process. From the result of Consumption energy measurement, consumption energy of passenger in the optimization process in near from grand design. The consumption energy of optimization can decrease 59% from existing system.
Consumption energy of mechanical is low because simulation in 00:00:00 to 00:10:00. Mechanical consumption energy on existing system is depended on arrival distribution of passenger.
Future work will focus on flow of the baggage in grand design to measure the consumption energy.


Dimas Novrisal
Nadia Hamani
Abderrahman Elmhamedi
Tresna Soemardi

Integrative Logistics e-session