Program Chair: Paul Bourgine
Organization Chair: Pierre Collet

Reconstructing Multi-Scale Dynamics e-track
Chair: Andres Santos, Co-Chair: Maria Eunice Gonzalez

Multi-Level Modeling e-track
Chair: Fatihcan Atay, Co-Chair: Laura Hernandez

Multi-Level Governance e-track
Chair: Mina Teicher, Co-Chair: Jürgen Jost

Engineering and Control of Self-Organization e-track
Chair: René Doursat

Foundations of Complex Systems Science e-track
Chair: Jeffrey Johnson, Co-Chair: Constantino Tsallis

From Particles to Complex Matter e-track
Chair: Qiuping-Alexandre Wang, Co-Chair: Marc-André Delsuc

From Molecules to Organisms to Ecosystems e-track
Chair: Nadine Peyriéras, Co-Chair: Jacques Demongeot

From Individual to Social Cognition e-track
Chair: David Chavalarias, Co-Chair: Jean-Philippe Cointet

From Fields to Territories to the Planet e-track
Chair: Céline Rozenblat

From Molecules to Ecosphere e-track
Chair: Daniel Schertzer