Abstract. The issues for which we sought to provide answers are: what audit logistic approach for the Moroccan company? And to what extent the internationally accepted frames of reference can be adapted to the specificities of this company?
The approach, we propose to address these problems, is built on: in a first stage, we are interested in the theoretical and operational aspects of the logistics audit approach (frames of reference and practices), in the second stage, we focus on our own experience in logistic auditing and on the results obtained for a company in the north center of Morocco.
Two results are emphasized. First, on the industrial side, we have identified the major logistical dysfunctions of the company and initiated the implementation of an action plan to improve its performance. That has allowed us later to develop a logistic audit tool inspired from known and adapted standards to the needs of the Moroccan company and a better understanding of the difficulties in its implementation.


Fouad Jawab
Kawtar Akoudad

Integrative Logistics e-session


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