We develop two issues: 1. A territorial assemblage is a narrative which organizes in a complex hypernetwork (Johnson) heterogeneous elements (characters, contexts, plots, tools, discourses) 2. As a new kind of artifact, it is then necessary to imagine a political mode of being together" (and in sustainable ways) in a world-like-assemblage. A territory, a city, an area are, litterally, a "story being done. It is an ongoing process, a performative (Austin). And as MacIntyres affirms it (After the virtue, 1981). The story must be lived before being told". The narrative is then the making of the territory. We propose then five models of the being together in this assemblage: an apolitical mode of innovation (Bergson, Deleuze, Serres), a mode of recognition (Honneth), a mode of self-organization (Guattari, Negri), a cybernetic mode (like in Smart City case) and a mode of diplomacy (Latour).


Eddie Soulier

Engineering of Territory Sustainability e-session