The Sunda Strait is the strait that separates Java Island to Sumatra Island at Indonesia as well as this strait serve as Indonesian archipelagic sea lanes (ALKI). There are two user interests. The first user are the commercial ships who pass Indonesian water from Indian Ocean towards South China Sea or Pacific Ocean. Another user interests are related to the crossing traffic lane that connects Merak port and Bakaheuni port. The accident of Ro-Ro ferry between Bahuga Jaya and Norgas Chantika in 2014 results the idea of the implementation of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) at Sunda Strait. There are two questions reviewed in this paper. First, shall TSS is implemented? The second question is: What consideration can be used? This paper begins with the background of Ro-Ro ferry accident, the description of ferry traffic density at Sunda Strait, the concept and the application of TSS at the Sunda Strait, and conclusions and suggestions.


Priadi Arif Antoni Marine Nautical Department
Abdellatif Benabdelhafid

Engineering of Territory Sustainability e-session