Temporal network, emphasizing on the time when and how long a contact forms, has recently received great attention. The additional freedom of “time” not only increases the difficulty of theoretical analysis and computational simulation, but also changes the way we view the connectivity and spreading of complex networks. The topological structure of temporal network enters through aggregating the contacts within a certain time interval. Hence, time intervals have significant influence on topological features. In this paper, the factorial moment analyses are performed to study the scaling properties of dynamical fluctuations under different time windows. The goal is to uncover the influence of time intervals and corresponding correlations in temporal networks.


Liping Chi I am an associate professor at Central China Normal University. My research is mainly focused on complex networks, spanning from topological properties to dynamics of/on complex networks. Currently I am devoted to understand the role of time in complex networks, that is, temporal networks. I have also great interest in critical phenomena and phase transitions.
Chunbin Yang

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