”We consider a largely unexplored research area of statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics, the limit of validity of ordinary Boltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics. We present our arguments in terms of the celebrated transitions to chaos while applications span interdisciplinary complex systems of current interest. More specifically, the circumstances under which this largely unchallenged branch of physics gives way to a generalized form are clarified, and correspond to extreme contraction of configuration space, such that the measure of the space of obtainable configurations vanishes with respect to that of the original. We illustrate this reduction by considering prototypical low-dimensional nonlinear maps where the attractors at the transitions to chaos drive the confinement of trajectory positions. We show that generalized entropy expressions describe the process for the three routes to chaos: intermittency, period doublings and quasi periodicity. We refer to natural phenomena in complex systems where these conditions manifest.”


Alberto Robledo Alberto Robledo is a Senior Research Scientist at the National University in Mexico City. His original contributions in statistical physics range from phase transitions, to stochastic processes, to nonlinear dynamics. Recently he has studied the dynamics at the onset of chaos and exhibited connections with glass formation, localization phenomena and critical fluctuations. These studies relate to efforts in generalizing statistical mechanical structures and methods.https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alberto_Robledo

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