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CS-DC'15 is a world e-conference. Any scientist can participate for free along with other attendees within a local mini CS-DC'15 event with its real world room. Individual participation from any location with a simple connected laptop/tablet/mobile phone is only guaranted  for speakers, organizers and, then, in the capacity limit of the videoconference system. Beyond, the e-conference will be broadcast without the possibility to interact with the e-session chairs.

Register for free by clicking here

In the registration form, you have the opportunity to propose your real-world room

e-registration is mandatory for the videoconference system

Because CS-DC'15 is an e-conference, there are no conference fees

A pre-program (invited speakers only) is available here 

 [Please send this e-registration invitation or its Url to a maximum of interested colleagues and groups]

You can host a mini-CS-DC'15 event in a Real World Room (RWR)

RWRs allow CS-DC participants to meet and share scientific discussions together

  • your mini CS-DC'15 event will increase both your local interactions and your interactions with the rest of the world and will encourage new distant collaborations.
  • if you are a speaker, you can present a paper in front of a live audience.
  • you will be the CS-DC'15 representative for this room for interacting with the e-session chairs (along with co-representatives for your room) and you will be member of the e-session organisation committee.
  • your mini CS-DC'15 event can combine rooms in Universities with private rooms (office and home).
  • If rooms are close each other, attendees will be able to shift from one room to another, to go from one track to another as in a real conference.

You can ask others to offer such Real World Rooms (RWR)

(All RWRs will appear on a World Map - details in the registration form)

CS-DC'15 is the first world e-conference organized by the CS-DC (Complex Systems Digital Campus, an UNESCO UniTwin) from September 30 to October 1 2015. It is part of CCS'15, the annual conference of the Complex Systems Society. It is devoted to all scientists involved in the transdisciplinary challenges of Complex Systems crossing theoretical questions with experimental observations of multi-level dynamics. 

At the end of each talk, all registered scientists can ask questions, including by chat if they have a bad "upward" connection. The goal is to make it possible for all to attend a major scientific event electronically, even for scientists and students from low income or distant countries.