Call for Papers

Three types of submissions are proposed (in English, following the Springer Lecture Notes format):

  • Long papers: 12-page, 30-min presentation including questions
  • Short papers: 6-page, 15-min presentation including questions
  • Posters: 2-page, 5-min presentation (asynchronous questions)

Important dates

  • Abstract submission: June 22
  • Paper submission: June 30 
  • (Standard double-blind or collaborative peer-to-peer review process)
  • Notification of acceptance: Aug 31
  • Prerecorded presentations: Sept 15
  • Conference: Sept 30 – Oct 1, 2015


CS-DC’15 is organized in two groups of five e-tracks, each e-track being subdivided into several e-sessions. Topics are derived from the European, African and Latino American roadmaps on complex systems, whose writing involved several hundred researchers across all disciplines. The following list of e-tracks is a result of their collective effort. Since no list can claim to be exhaustive, there is an extra “open e-track” on the Foundations of Complex Systems Science. In the same way, each e-track has an “open e-session”. Therefore, submissions are not limited to the list here, as new e-sessions can emerge from the submissions made to the open categories.


Great Questions about Complex Systems

Great Domains of Complex Systems

Great Questions about Complex Systems

Reconstructing Multi-Scale Dynamics e-track
Chair: Andres Santos, Co-Chair: Maria Eunice Gonzalez

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: Andres Santos – Maria Eunice Gonzalez)
  • Epistemology of integrative and predictive sciences e-session (Chair: Maria Eunice Gonzalez)
  • Open multi-scale data e-session (Chairs: Mounir El Mendili – Salma Mesmoudi)
  • Knowledge maps e-session (Chair: Jean-Philippe Cointet)
  • Dynamical multi-level (hyper) network e-session (Chair: Jeffrey Johnson)
  • Multi-level computational vision e-session (Chair: Andres Santos)
  • Machine learning methods e-session (Chair: Michele Sebag)
  • Synthesis of ecology, biology and ethnographic data e-session (Chair: Douglas White)
  • Evolutionary computational methods e-session (Chair: Pierre Collet)
  • Climate numerics e-session (Chair: Claire Monteleoni)
  • Map of theoretical concepts and computational mathematics e-session (Chair: Michael Kohlhase)
  • Algebraic topology and information theory (Chair: Pierre Baudot)
  • Open e-session (Chairs: Andres Santos – Maria Eunice Gonzalez)

Multi-Level Modeling e-track
Chair: Fatihcan Atay, Co-Chair: Laura Hernandez

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: Fatihcan Atay – Laura Hernandez)
  • Statistical physics and dynamical properties of networks e-session (Chair: Laura Hernandez)
  • Collective behaviour experiments on living organisms and active matter e-session (Chair: Han Zhangang)
  • Self-propelled particles e-session (Chair: Fernando Peruani)
  • Critical dynamics e-session (Chairs: Uwe Tauber – Michel Pleimling)
  • Algebraic processes theory e-session (Chair: Emanuela Merelli)
  • Random dynamical systems e-session (Chair: Lutz Schimansky-Geier)
  • Homogenization e-session (Chair: Georgy Kitavtsev)
  • Information geometry e-session (Chair: Nihat Ay)
  • Multilayer Networks e-session
  • Open e-session (Chairs: Fatihcan Atay – Laura Hernandez)

Multi-Level Governance e-track
Chair: Mina Teicher, Co-Chair: Jürgen Jost

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: Mina Teicher – Jürgen Jost)
  • Open science e-session (Chair: Masatoshi Funabashi)
  • Control of random dynamical system e-session (Chair: Daniel Schertzer)
  • From data to models to societal actors e-session (Chair: Jose J. Ramasco)
  • Global systems science e-session (Chair: Carlo C. Jaeger)
  • Extreme events theory e-session (Chairs: Holger Kantz – Charles Tapiero)
  • Robustness and prevention e-session (Chairs: David Krakauer – David Wolpert)
  • Viability theory and resilience e-session (Chair: John Doyle)
  • Open e-session (Chairs: Mina Teicher – Jürgen Jost)

Engineering and Control of Self-Organization e-track
Chair: René Doursat

  • Invited talk e-session (Chair: René Doursat)
  • Spatial computing e-session
  • Morphogenetic engineering e-session
  • Evolutionary collective robotics e-session
  • Evo-devo robotics e-session
  • Artificial chemistry e-session
  • Organic computing e-session
  • Pervasive computing e-session
  • Pervasive adaptation e-session
  • Complex systems engineering e-session
  • Decentralized sensor/actuator networks e-session
  • Unconventional computing e-session
  • Synthetic biology e-session
  • Biological and chemical IT e-session
  • Complex neural dynamics e-session
  • Guided self-organization e-session
  • Open e-session (Chair: René Doursat)

Foundations of Complex Systems Science e-track
Chair: Jeffrey Johnson, Co-Chair: Constantino Tsallis
This is an open e-track open to (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • nonadditive entropies, nonextensive statistical mechanics, anomalous Langevin, Fokker-Planck and master equations, generalized central limit theorems in the presence of strong correlations, unification of self-organized criticality and nonadditive entropies, thermodynamics of black holes, area law in strongly quantum entangled systems, edge of chaos, occupation of phase space with Zero Lebesgue measure, long-range-interacting classical and quantum many-body Hamiltonian systems, ergodicity breakdown, multinomial statistical field theory,  self-organized random dynamical systems, non-equilibrium systems, dynamical multi-level hypernetwork, variational calculus for complex systems, reaction-diffusion processes, stochastic PDE, algebraic geometry, topos theory, homogenization, theoretical computer science, theoretical machine learning, open science, etc. This e-track contains an Invited talk e-session and an Open e-session.

Great Domains of Complex Systems

From Particles to Complex Matter e-track
Chair: Qiuping-Alexandre Wang, Co-Chair: Marc-André Delsuc

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: Marc-André Delsuc – Qiuping-Alexandre Wang)
  • Physics of complex systems e-session (Chairs: Denis Grebenkov – Sarah Klein)
  • Complex chemistry e-session (Chairs: Gonen Ashkenasy – Marc-André Delsuc – Pavletta Shestakova)
  • Chemical garden e-session (Chair: Anne De Wit)
  • Open e-session (Chairs: Marc-André Delsuc – Qiuping-Alexandre Wang)

From Molecules to Organisms to Ecosystems e-track
Chair: Nadine Peyriéras, Co-Chair: Jacques Demongeot

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: Nadine Peyriéras – Jacques Demongeot)
  • From DNA to chromatin e-session (Chair: Alexandra Caude)
  • From unicellular organism to collective behavior e-session (Chair: Fabien Campillo)
  • From molecules to organisms: the embryome e-session (Chairs: Danielle Dhouailly – Nadine Peyriéras)
  • The animal physiome of animals of agronomic interest (Chairs: Claire Rogel-Gaillard – Nadine Peyriéras)
  • From neurotransmitters to neural networks: integrative neurosciences e-session (Chair: Yves Burnod)
  • Integrative toxicology e-session (Chair: Robert Barouki)
  • From antigens to cognitive immune system in symbiotic organisms e-session (Chairs: Hugues Bersini – Uri Hershberg – Véronique Thomas-Vaslin)
  • Non coding RNAs in regulatory networks e-session (Chair: Jacques Demongeot)
  • Epidemiology of obesity e-session (Chair: Carla Taramasco-Toro)
  • From plant cells to plant fields e-session (Chair: Robert Faivre)
  • Rare diseases e-session (Chair: Julie Thompson)
  • From organisms to ecosystems e-session (Chair: Slimane ben-miled)
  • Mathematical modeling in biological complex systems e-session (Chair: Khashayar Pakdaman)
  • Open e-session (Chairs: Nadine Peyriéras – Jacques Demongeot)

From Individual to Social Cognition e-track
Chair: David Chavalarias, Co-Chair: Jean-Philippe Cointet

  • Invited talk e-session (Chairs: David Chavalarias – Jean-Philippe Cointet)
  • Integrative individual cognitive Science e-session (Chair: Charles Tijus)
  • Integrative science of education e-session (Chairs: Chun-Yen Chang – Debra Chen)
  • Ecological approach of sport and sport education e-session (Chairs: Keith Davids – Ludovic Seifert)
  • Interdisciplinary studies of synergy e-session (Chairs: Juan Correa – Klaus Jaffe Carbonell)
  • Social psychology e-session (Chairs: Myriam Cifuentes-Garcia – Miguel Enver)
  • Multilinguism in digital world e-session (Chairs: Zubeida Desai – Claudia M. Wanderley)
  • Co-evolution of socio-semantic networks e-session (Chair: Camille Roth)
  • From processing units to computational ecosystems to the cloud e-session (Chair: Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez)
  • Digital humanities and evolution of languages e-session (Chair: Thierry Poibeau)
  • Neuroscience and behavior e-session (Chairs: Luis Angel Aguilar Mendoza – Miguel Enver – Grace Espinoza Pardo)
  • Open e-session (Chairs: David Chavalarias – Jean-Philippe Cointet)


From Fields to Territories to the Planet e-track
Chair: Céline Rozenblat

  • Invited talk e-session (Chair: Céline Rozenblat)
  • Human-trace e-session (Chair: Béatrice Galinon-Melenec)
  • Social self-organization e-session (Chairs: Mariana C.Broens – Maria Eunice Gonzales)
  • Blue Economy of Knowledge e-session (Chair: Idriss Aberkane)
  • Collective situated intelligence e-session (Chair: Sylvie Occeli)
  • Engineering of territory sustainability e-session (Chair: Francis Rousseaux)
  • Integrative logistics e-session (Chair: Abdellatif Benabdelhafid)
  • Integrative risk geomatics e-session (Chair: Thierry Saint-Gérand)
  • E-city e-session (Chair: Fabien Pfaender)
  • Multi-level geographical modeling e-session (Chairs: Nuno Pinto – Céline Rozenblat)
  • Economics as a complex evolutionist system e-session (Chair: Flavia Mori Sarti)
  • Contagion dynamics in socio-economics systems e-session (Chair: Laura Hernandez)
  • Open systems exploration e-session (Chair: Masatoshi Funabashi)
  • Integrative food science e-session (Chairs: Camille Michon – Nathalie Perrot)
  • 4P-factories e-session (Chairs: Claudia Eckert – Pierre Parrend – Cecilia Zanni-Merk)
  • Social Patterns in Multicultural Environments (Chair: Frédéric Amblard)
  • Open e-session (Chair: Céline Rozenblat)

From Molecules to Ecosphere e-track
Chair: Daniel Schertzer

  • Invited talk e-session (Chair: Daniel Schertzer)
  • Climate as a random dynamical system e-session (Chair: Daniel Schertzer)
  • Ocean biogeochemical dynamics e-session (Chair: Francesco D’Ovidio)
  • Climate system and human system interaction e-session (Chair: Annamaria Lammel)
  • Open e-session (Chair: Daniel Schertzer)