The use of Internet and of the social networks, leads the users to share data concerning their private life and their health. The consultation of many sites, the use of smartphones or computers leaves numerous traces on networks which are logged and indexed thanks to the identifiers of the users. These data allow to build the profile of individuals what brings social consequences and exclusion. Joel Colloc presents the advantages and the limits of the use of clouds for the storage of personal data of health. Finally, elements solutions are proposed to preserve the respect of privacy.


Joel Colloc Dr Joël COLLOC Designation Medical doctor and professor of computing science Biography PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Today-2003 professor in computer sciences in the Le Havre Normandy University 1991-2003 associate professor in the Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University 1990-1991 assistant professor, laboratory of Medical Computer Science, Hospices Civils de Lyon 1988-1990 physician, Forensic and Toxicology Medical Services Edouard Herriot Hospital MEDICAL EDUCATION 1985 M.D. medical faculty of the Claude Bernard University (Lyon 1) France 1983-1985. Specialty : forensic medicine degree and clinical toxicology degree. COMPUTING SCIENCE EDUCATION 1990 Ph.D. in computer sciences by the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon. 2000 Accreditation to direct research Research Interest His main research topics concerns e-health, multi-agent Clinical Decision Support Systems and knowledge bases, Case Base reasoning in medicine, ontologies, nervous system modelling and cognitive science. His human sciences researches try to conciliate the ethics of using Big Data in epidemiological studies and the privacy of patients.

Human-Trace e-session