In 1978 something that can be a Phoenician archaeological discovery was found in Mar del Plata (300 km South of Buenos Aires Argentina). A small ship build in wood, that probably come from some European forest, some skulls and bones … “but one of then was a 14 year old boy, dressed with cloth ornamented with Incas civilization designs, some iron and bronze tools , and finally two amphorae one of them unbroken with traces of some red liquid (probably some kind of wine)”.

From a report By G.A. Rodriguez : “La Nacin” , March, 4 1978

Certainly, if this story that appeared in the newspaper “La Nacin” were true, We could make some conjectures today about the complexity that make task was for this early sailor winemakers and wine tasters. They move with a absolutely ecological power sources, but a unusual passion drives his desire for adventure. No climate change can be observed nor measure for this “global” activities.

In this speech we will see how this heritage that the north hemisphere of our planet have cultivated in the south is now waking backward to home. We see how the vineyards and wineries of New Zeland , Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentine have change ther traditional way in witch the winemaker writes a “paper letter” to his cousin colleague of the north to evolve and transform himself in the nowadays “flying winemaker” that can’t work out of the internet, we see also how the containers vessels fleet the World Trade Organization and finally the consumer wishes operate determining how many drops of water are needed to operate in this complex world drive by the same degree of passion that still impulse this activity.


Ricardo Palma
Gustavo Masera

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