Slow roots in the dark,
swift models in silico,
both hidden, they grow.

This talk will be an advanced introduction to the modelling of plant root systems at the cellular scale, which is mainly focused on the patterning game. I will give a brief overview of the current biological understanding of root development at this scale, and present how the most recent technical advances and the peculiarities of roots allow for in-depth modelling of organogenetic processes. I will also take the opportunity to comment on the challenges and unanswered questions that biologists and modellers need to adress in the near future.


Mikaël Lucas Mikaël Lucas is a researcher at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD). He has a dual expertise in biology and computer sciences and has worked on systems biology at all plant scales. He is currently part of the 'Cereal Root Systems' (CERES) IRD team, where he focuses on root development.

From Plant Cells to Plant Fields e-session

Photos by : Tyssul Patel