Computational and Data Science is about extracting knowledge from data and modeling. This end goal can only be achieved through a craft that combines people, processes, computational and Big Data platforms, application-specific purpose and programmability. Publications and provenance of the data products products leading to these publications are also important. With this in mind, this talk will define a methodology, called Workflow-Driven Science, for computational and data science applications in Synthesis of Ecology, Biology and Ethnographic Data, and discuss why focusing on these concepts is important for executability and reproducibility in computational and data science. Workflows emerged as an ideal environment to bring tools and data together to tackle scientific challenges. We will discuss Kepler scientific workflow tools and XSEDE workflows for Biological, Environmental, Cultural and Evolutionary Data that we have developed.


Ilkay Altintas
Jianwu Wang
Mai Nguyen
Tolga Oztan
Douglas White University of California, Irvine (UCI)

Synthesis of Ecology, Biology and Ethnographic Data e-session