The blindness of knowledge: mistakes and illusions.

It is remarkable that education, which is supposed to spread knowledge, remains blind regarding what human knowledge actually is, its devices, disabilities, difficulties, its tendency towards mistakes and illusions, and does not seem to concern itself with teaching what having knowledge of something is.
Indeed, knowledge cannot be considered as a ready made tool, usable without questioning its nature. Thus, knowledge of knowledge itself should become a first necessity, which should serve as a preparation to confront the permanent risks of mistakes and illusions, constantly interfering with human minds. It matters here to equip each mind in the vital fight towards lucidity.
Within the field of teaching, it is necessary to introduce and to develop the study of cerebral, mental and cultural aspects of human knowledge, of its process and terms, and of existing psychological and cultural measures which risk making mistakes or giving way to illusions.


Edgar Morin Sociologist and Philosopher, Emeritus Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)

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