Progress in the field of unconventional computing based on molecular and biomolecular systems, has created the need for the formulation of many systems able to perform Boolean logic operations, in essence mimicking their electronic counterparts. Realizing these logic systems in fluidic devices, it is possible to bypass many difficulties that are usually found in biocatalytic reactions, yet still enables the robust operation and a separation in both space and time. These attributes allow for logic operations that imitate those found in electronic computers including clocking and filtering of results. This ability to organize enzymatic systems in this fashion has permitted for the mimicking of reversible gates such as the Double Feynman Gate, Toffoli Gate, Peres Gate and Fredkin Gate as well as the Switch Gate and switchable OR, NXOR, and NAND systems. Integration of these gates into complex biomolecular networks will allow future unconventional Biocomputing and bioanalytical systems, providing new opportunities for advances in biomedical analysis as well as self-monitoring systems.


Brian E. Fratto

Complex Chemistry e-session

Photos by : Macroscopic Solutions