Authors: ANTUNES, Deborah (Social Psychology Dept. Universidade Federal do Cear); FABBRI, Renato (Physical Dept. Instituto de Fsica de So Carlos, USP); PISANI, Marilia M. (Philosophy Dept. Universidade Federal do ABC – UFABC)

The Cultural Industry concept contains an articulation between subjectivity and politics enabled by the technological and scientific advances and resulting devices to the general public, especially those related to communication, such as telegraph, telephone, radio, TV sets, film projections etc. The consequences on individuals and their subjectivities regard established concepts such as false consciousness of the masses, ticket thinking and anti-democratic potential. Today, it can be said that there is a Cultural Industry 2.0 that seems to preserve almost all elements formerly capable of forming the “captive subject.”

The aim of this work is to understand to which extent these characteristics are preserved and to which extent the advent of different potentials can be verified, especially through the systematic analysis of digital media. Although there is facilitation of massifying and centralizing processes, there also appears to be a broadening of individual praxis capability, who can better observe and act in the social structures in which he/she subsists.


Marilia Mello Pisani Philosophy, P.h.D.

Social Psychology e-session

Photos by : David Rytell