There is no individual cognition. All cognition is always “social cognition”. Individuals who do not participate in a community are not able to humanize. This article, which will be presented in virtual form, sets out the conditions for the school of the future, a school that has a heart. The research is based not only throughout a literature search about each one of the ingredients used to better understand student-teacher relationship, mainly concerning the question of the role of education in the construction of the subject but also on the personal experience of the author. The concept of education as a commons will be explored in a dialogue with theorists such as Jung, Piaget, Rubem Alves and Paulo Freire. The Design has always been present in the evolution of human not only in making tools but, mainly, in producing men themselves as a culture byproduct. Nowadays Design Thinking is an approach for innovation in education. At the end the author will propose a new concept for the “school of the future”, a place fulfilled by in passion teachers and enchanted students both sharing a flow state experience.


Francisco Antonio Pereira Fialho Dr., Titular Professor

Open e-session


Photos by : David Rytell