Over the past
decade, genetic and neuroscience research have provided some of the most
exciting breakthroughs for cognitive and educational science. Rather than
merely providing a powerful means for exploring the mechanism of human
behavior, the integration of multiple disciplines (Education, Cognitive
psychology, Neuroscience, and Genetic or molecular biology studies) can serve
researchers now further their own research while deriving meaningful
implications and/or practices for learning and instruction. In this presentation,
I would like to present this interdisciplinary research framework, then briefly
review related theories, and finally present our preliminary work in exploring
the associations between genotypes and student cognitive abilities/science
achievement. Our ultimate goal is to integrate different research fields with
aims of not only exploring the mechanism of learning and behavior, but more
importantly, providing instructional approaches (???) and learning strategies to best fit with students? aptitudes or
characteristics (?) based on
the interactional effects of ECNG (Education, Cognition, Neuroscience, and Gene).


Chun-Yen Chang

Integrative Individual Cognitive Science e-session


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Photos by : David Rytell